PT. Benih Transformasi Indonesia is the venture team behind houzcall.co.id , hale.id , and kubikasi.id. We build life-improving brands for consumers and businesses.
We are in a mission to build and develop successful brands with corporate sustainability that can give positive impact on the community.
We are in the brand-building business, helping you co-found a brand in beauty, personal care, wellness, and logistic. Our job is to actively help you maximize your impact on your community and the world.
PT. Benih Transformasi Indonesia provides venture assistance and strategic advice to “anyone” who have a dream of positively transforming our society for the better.

What is the dream for Benih Transformasi Indonesia and its Portfolios?

A place where people with various complementary SHAPE (Special Gift, Heart/ Passion, Ability, Personality, Experience) can deploy and maximise their God given SHAPE, to build businesses, in roles that are within their SHAPE.

Each business under our management is valued at least a certain threshold in the future.

A place where people discover their SHAPE and equipped and trained, and cared for physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to enable them leading an independent and impactful live in their family and community.

Through our businesses, we provide income to at least 10,000 people, including direct employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers.

You’ve got an
for Consumer and Logistic space ?
We want to

To make our meeting more productive, please send a brief of your IDEA to businessplans@benih.co.id

We like Idea Brief that present a lot of information in as few words as possible. The following Idea Brief format, within 9–15 slides, is all that’s needed. One of our team will be in contact with you to follow up on your IDEA.



PT. Benih Transformasi Indonesia

Jalan Wijaya 1 No.11B. Jakarta. 12170. Indonesia.
Phone: +6221-7226393
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